Providing a range of co-curricular opportunities is important to us because we value each child’s individual skills and interests, and we want to give every opportunity for students to grow and further their potential.

Marist Catholic College Penshurst has a rich and diverse co-curricular program to allow students to pursue areas of passion and interest. Whether it is in competitive sports, creative arts, performing arts, music, debating, or social justice, there’s something to inspire every individual.

Debating and Public Speaking

The College has a proud tradition of success in public speaking and debating, offering all students the opportunity to develop their oratory skills.

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Marist Catholic College Penshurst provides a variety of opportunities for our students to be involved in sport.

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Music at Marist Catholic College Penshurst enables each student to find his or her musical talent and develop it fully through a wide range of genres and skill sets.

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Performing Arts

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities offered and to enjoy rehearsing and performing with a great group of people who share their interests.

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Complimentary to our state-of-the-art kitchen, we provide opportunities students to undertake their Hospitality studies in a professional commercial environment.

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Creative Arts

Creative Arts introduces students to the fields of Visual Arts, Photography and Ceramics.

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