Principal Mrs Connie Frino
Assistant Principal Mrs Vania Bejjani
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Melissa Vassallo
Campus Coordinator – Mortdale Mr Steven O’Connor
Campus Coordinator – South Hurstville Mr David Matheson
Head of Curriculum Mr Michael Dooner
Head of Strategic Planning &
Mr Brian Vane-Tempest
Head of Learning Innovation and Excellence Mrs Lisa Ganderton
Head of Inclusion and Professional Practice Mrs Rebecca Nolan
Year 7 Mr Damien Tudjman
Assistant – Ms Deanna Dimanoski
Year 8 Mr Kieran Smith
Assistant – TBA
Year 9 Mr Tory Brustolin
Assistant – Ms Joanne Estephan
Year 10 Mrs Elaina Anzellotti
Assistant – Mr Arthur Stathopoulos
Year 11 Mr Robert Reilly
Assistant – Ms Kaitlyn Gooding
Year 12 Mrs Nicole Katrib
Assistant – Ms Sandra Sullivan
Religious Education
Stage 6
Mrs Melissa Vassallo
Religious Education
Stage 5

Ms Alexandra Mills
Religious Education
Stage 4

Ms Lauren Gilchrist
Creative & Performing Arts/LOTE Ms Lea-Kathryn Nelson
English Stage 5 & 6 Ms Lisa Eljed
English/HSIE Stage 4 Ms Lisa Farrelly
HSIE Stage 5 & 6 Mr Tony Nader
Mathematics Stage 5 & 6 Mr Michael Young
Mathematics Stage 4  Mrs Sandra Neilson
Music Mr Matthew Smith
PDHPE Stage 5 & 6 Mr Martin Shipley
PDHPE Stage 4 Ms Jordan Baker
Science Stage 5 & 6 Ms Rachel Thompson
Science Stage 4  Ms Jill Ferrari
TAS Stage 5 & 6 Mr Chris McBride
TAS Stage 4  Ms Thao Pham
VET & Careers Coordinator Mrs Peggy Chandler
Principal’s PA/Office Manager Mrs Lina Pilarinos
College Bursar Mrs Jan Hartney
Youth Ministry Coordinator Ms Daniella Chaaban
Careers Advisor Mrs Peggy Chandler
Head of Sport Mr Michael Fisher
Assistant Head of Sport Ms Jill Ferrari
College Counsellor – South Hurstville Mrs Carmel Coleman
College Counsellor – Mortdale  Mr Rodriigo Valentino